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GEMs (Going the Extra Mile) started as a vision centered on providing women in the community a social gathering where women from different walks of life, would be able to get away from the everyday struggles and problems that life may present. They would meet, network and build a bond with other women in efforts to support, motivate and encourage one another.

A group of friends who are professional women and mothers, who saw a need in the community, came together on September 24, 2015 to present a networking event to empower women.

The response was overwhelming and the GEMs who attended wanted frequent events to network, educate and empower. Many also wanted events for their daughters and eventually for the entire family.

Women are like GEMS, when faced with adversity, stress, and life’s problems they find the strength and time to ensure everyone around them are happy. At times, neglecting their own happiness. It is important to have a circle where your GEMS help other GEMS soar to rise to their highest potential, through random acts of kindness, encouraging and motivating words. GEMS shed light and joy to our community knowing that we must take care of our GEMS and GEM-ettes.

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